Saturday, May 9, 2009

Freelance Writer: Are THESE Words Haunting You?

Are you responsible?
Are you working hard?
Got the sweat to prove it?

You may have been had!

Maybe the Protestant Work Ethic has stuck with me too much, but one lesson I've learned over the past few months is this: life doesn't have to be so hard. Neither does success.

If you could visualize what I saw, it looks something like a draft horse working incessantly... and beating itself with a whip, only allowing a water break when absolutely necessary. And it still wasn't enough.

And I was the horse.

Aside from the fact that living like that kind of sucks all the fun out of life (ask my kids... well, actually, they may still say that, but now it's only because I'm doing my job as a mom! ha ha), it's also a clear indicator of...

Fear of Success.

Now, I know I'm scared of snakes. Not wild about stepping on strange creatures in the ocean. Heights are not my favorite. Failure, poverty... again, not on my list of lifetime desires.

But a fear of success? Huh?

Never saw that coming. Humor me.

Woman builds successful writing business. Woman decides to also pursue a way she can earn money by writing for herself (not just for others)... and ultimately write only for her own projects. (Enormous success implied here, which enables this shift.)

Oh wait! Writing for my own projects certainly doesn't sound very hard-working, industrious, or hard. Sounds pretty ideal, pretty privileged, pretty fun.

And that can't be good!?

Here's a post from a new friend of mine, Bryant - after you read it, come back and post your comments. Do you have this skewed view, too?

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