Friday, June 26, 2009

Just checking - did you watch this yet? Better hurry!

Hey, did you get in on the Local Business Money Machine webinar Kevin Wilke did last night?

If so, you probably still haven't gone to sleep yet! Bet your head's just spinning with ideas.

If not, you're going to want to go NOW and watch the replay. I believe they're taking this down Monday - maybe sooner.

Why am I "strongly urging" you to watch this thing and get in while you can?

A few reasons, really.

  1. This is a sure-fire way you can get paid to write - again, like I say in my freelance writing book, you don't need a portfolio, an English or Journalism degree, paid writing experience, or a client list to get started. My book helps you get internet-based clients FAST, and local clients kind of as an afterthought. But local clients were kind of back-burnered because I didn't have a system for working with them profitably. THIS takes that problem and chucks it out the window.
  2. I've been through a LOT of programs... and some have been a complete waste of money. There are tons of those kinds of programs out there even now - and my guess is that wasting money on a program that only gives you half of the info you really need is NOT on your wish list. I've been working with the Nitro Blueprint System to launch online publishing ventures for myself, my hubby, and some clients. It really works, and was a tiny fraction of the cost of another program I went through (to remain nameless) that was very hard and ended up being a waste of about a year of my time and more money than I'd like to admit.
    Nitro's stuff is consistently excellent - easy to follow, step-by-step. This LBMM program is no different - except that maybe they've packed even more stuff into it than I've ever seen. I've learned "little" skills that have stumped me for years, things I never knew could be so easy.
  3. I know Kevin and the other Nitro guys personally - and have interviewed at least a dozen people who've worked with them or used their programs to create remarkable results. Without exception, here's the gist of what they say: " These guys are for real. They are all about helping people succeed and make the money they need to follow and fulfill their purpose and passion in life. "
  4. I'm starting to work with my team of writers to be able to provide this local marketing service to our clients. It's a huge win for everyone involved - the clients get more business, the writers get more gigs, and it's so systematic that I can build a solid income without having to work so much. I'm even working with one friend who's a whiz at sales and she's going to market this service in her area - I'll manage the projects, and we'll split the fee.
    If enough of us are doing this program at the same time, we can HELP each other!!

I believe the program will close on Monday - if you're thinking you want to do it, NOW is the time. Not sure whether they have any plans to open the doors again.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video - then let me know what you think!

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