Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where ELSE do writers find writing gigs?

Here are just a few places I've found work - or where I know others have found GOOD gigs:

  1. Check out Allena Tapia's About.com column. She's very experienced, super helpful, and can teach you lots and lots of very useful lessons about freelance writing. She's got a good list of places to find writing gigs, too.
  2. Elance
  3. Rent-a-coder
  4. Editfast - mostly editing gigs
  5. Craigslist - a little tip is to copy and paste the ad into an email. This will help you remember exactly which gig you were after.
  6. WAHM.com - look in the forum called Moms Who Write - sorry fellas, this is only for work-at-home moms. Sometimes you'll find posts where a writer's got overflow work you could do. I've met the nicest people here, too.
  7. Warrior Forum - I've heard from several writers that this is an excellent source for work. It's generally internet marketers who know what they're doing, which is awesome. They know that a well-written article is one of the best forms of advertisement.
Alright, that's seven places to look for writing gigs, in addition to Guru. That should keep you busy!

Where else do YOU look for writing gigs? How's the hunting been there?


Teresa said...

Hi Sue!
Here's one: www.freelancedaily.net
It's a subscriber based newsletter that comes to your inbox five days a week. You can try it for five days free and then it's under $30 for a year's subscription. There's another, it's a few bucks a month called Just Markets- comes six days a week.
Glad to see you got your blog started. Maybe if I actually wrote on mine, you and I could swap guest posts!!
Good Luck- you deserve it!
Teresa Hall
Write About Everything

Ally said...

aww. you've said nice things about me and made my day :)