Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vast freelance writing market - Develop your blogging voice

Anyone out there want to hazard a guess as to how many blogs are live on the internet?

I don't know whether anyone's counting, really. Might be kind of like counting the stars at this point.

Some very quick research shows 70 million by someone's count in 2006. I wouldn't be surprised by that number at all... or double that number, for that matter.

Mostly these blogs are for fun - vanity publishing in a sense.

But some percentage are for profit. And that's of interest to freelance writers.

Because here's the problem with having a blog for business purposes - you MUST keep it fresh. And it's got to be done well.

Hey, I can tell you one thing after having done like 150+ posts (guessing at that number, but I think it's pretty close) for this blog...

It's a "do"!

I can see why people hire freelance writers to create blog posts.

Blogs are hungry little suckers - you've got to feed them frequently!
It's a booming opportunity for freelance writers. I know I've seen more blog post gigs posted than ever lately, and predict it's a growing trend.

Have you noticed this same thing?
Do you have a blog?
Have you written blog posts for clients?

Let's dig in a little and see how we can tap into this vast market.

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rd7 said...

Blogging is really taking off these days, and it seems like even well known businesses are even taking notice. I read a recent article about the hottest job skills of 2008 and it showed that the demand for people who have blogging skills has increased by 4 times what is was just a year ago. That's incredible!!! We must be on the right track...