Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inspiration for freelance writers

Just to let you know, I'm participating in this seminar called Samurai Camp ( Part of that involves setting a HUGE (a.k.a. "impossible" - HA!) goal.

It's been said that achieving a massive goal is not so much about the goal itself - but about who I must become in order to do it.

For the next several weeks, my posts may be kind of irregular - and kind of inspirational rather than "how to" oriented.

Mostly, I'm reminding myself that nothing is impossible - unless I say it is. I'm reminding myself that what comes from my core, my own heart, is far more powerful than my circumstances, plans, and "how to's".

Yesterday's video - about Paul Potts - was the perfect example. Here's this guy with crooked teeth, working at a car phone shop, but who just opened his mouth (and his heart) and out poured the most heart-rending, beautiful song - not a performance, but just a stunning display of who he is... and even Simon was moved.

Today's video is a challenge, and a reminder - keep going. Keep going!

Your writing business may take off like lightning (some people who've bought my writing business system have experienced that - a full-time income in six months or less). Or it might take a bit longer (seen that, too). But don't quit. Keep going!

Are You Going to Finish Strong? - Video

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