Thursday, July 31, 2008

Check out this great idea - I'm totally stealing it!

When I'm out there shopping for back-to-school supplies (and school starts on 8/18 here!), I'm picking up a white board with sticky things on the back.

It's going on my office door, and on it, I'll write:

Triumph Communications is...

and then fill in the blank with "open" or "closed" depending on the time of day.

It'll help everyone in my household live a little longer, I think. These precious people have no idea whether the faraway look in my eyes is me trying to grasp an elusive headline for a client's copy, or me wondering whether I remembered to thaw out something for dinner. No wonder they interrupt! This way, if they see that my office is open, they'll understand someone better be bleeding (and I'm not talking a drop or two... it better be a gusher) if they come in. : )

PLUS, when the sign says "closed" it'll be my reminder to go get a life!! : )

The Coffee-Stained Writer: Watching the Clock: When to Ignore Your Writing Schedule

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Teresa said...

All I can really say is, What??? School starts on August 18??? Have you planned the first day of school party yet? Here in Minnesota we don't have the first day of school until the day after Labor Day! Summer is tourist time here and by requiring schools to wait until after Labor Day the resorts get to eek out that last couple of weeks of vacationers and make those big bucks before winter sets in!

My sister-in-law had four teenagers at the same time. She always had a party of the first day of school for all the moms! Decorations, champagne and a cake from the bakery- the whole nine yards just to celebrate the kids going back to school!

As far as the white board? Excellent Idea! I have three young grandkids that live downstairs from me and we created a sign with a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other side. Happy face means Grandma is available, Sad face means, not right now. Works great with kids who can't read yet!