Thursday, July 17, 2008

C'mon, making a video isn't really that hard!

OK, I'm getting kind of addicted.

The Marketing Do Over contest got me hooked, and now I'm seeing video opps everywhere.

(Hey, if you haven't voted for me yet, PLEEEEEEASE do! Think of it as a vote for freelance writers everywhere. Plus, if I win, what kind of amazing info do you think I'll be passing along to you??!!)

Anyway... I'd never made a video in my life - unless you count the cheesy one we have of our wedding!

But I found this free site where you can put videos together - and it was really pretty easy: Yeah, you can lose hours and days in there, so be careful. But just think of all the ways you could use video to grow your freelance writing business.

  • Add video to your website
  • Create a video podcast (is that the right term?)
  • Add video to your Guru profile
  • Add video to your Squidoo lens
Or go way out on the limb and try something like this.

First watch this:

And then, because chances are that if you're here, you're already subscribed to the WWHW newsletter, here's the link for the report:

OK, this is just an example of something you could do to promote your own business. Will this work? Who knows?? But the MDO folks kind of planted the seed in my mind, and I had to give it a shot. You can read the MDO blog after you vote for me. Look for the post about the 5 second video something or another... I basically copied their idea - you'll see!

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