Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Take care of your computer... or it may kill you!

Well, not directly. And it wouldn't leave any marks, I'm sure. But you can't tell me that if you all of a sudden got that "blue screen of death" you wouldn't have a heart attack, stroke, or some combination of the two.

There are ways to avoid disaster, though, and here's a link to a great post by Colin about what, specifically, you should do daily, weekly, monthly to keep your computer in good shape. As much time as we freelance writers spend on our computers, it's kind of like taking care of a pet! (but less fur, and no poop)

PC Vitals for Every Freelance Writer

Also, a wonderful, free way to do off-site backups of all your files. You can set it to do its thing automatically every day, which is beautiful - anything that you don't have to remember to do saves more brain cells for stuff you want to do!

Diino 2 GB free

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