Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Why is freelance writing recession-proof?

I’m no economist, but I’ll take a stab at a few quick reasons – and if you’re still questioning whether there’s money to be made as a freelance writer, listen up!

  1. Smart business owners don’t ease up on their marketing during a downturn. They do the opposite. They ramp it up, getting the word out more powerfully and creatively than ever before. They try new venues they’ve never even considered. And guess who they need to hire to help them? Bingo!

  2. Freelance writers aren’t constrained by the local economy. Somewhere in the world, people are spending – might not be in your city, or even your country, so you need a way to find them. And guess what? There’s something about exchange rates, too, that seems to give us a little advantage. My international clients rarely balk at the same fees that sometimes make the domestic ones wince. Ka-ching!

  3. Little or no overhead. From the writer’s point of view, gas prices become practically irrelevant – at least as far as operating expenses go. Unless you’ve got office space somewhere (and we all crave that from time to time!), you don’t have to pay rent. We don’t even pay much for office equipment and supplies. If you’ve got a computer and internet access, you’re pretty well set. I don’t even remember the last time I had to print something out!

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Teresa said...

Hi Sue,
So nice to hear from you on this one! You always have terrific links, but I love your wisdom as well!
I live in the upstairs of an old house and my view, such as it is, includes two gas stations. Every morning when I open my blinds, I see those price signs and thank God I am a freelancer. Ten bucks worth of gas will usually last me nearly a week- unless the teenager has a particularly busy schedule!

I too love working with international clients from time to time. The one's I've met have been fabulous!

Here's to freelancing!