Friday, July 18, 2008

Freelance writing on

Wow! Well, a few days ago I wrote about how one day freelance writing might make the list of coolest jobs out there.

This is pretty close, getting on - right?

In my humble opinion (yeah, right!), companies that balk at hiring freelance writers are stuck in the rut called "but we've never done that before!"

Among the myriad benefits to our corporate clients:

- You don't have to pay employment taxes when you hire us
- You don't have to pay for benefits for us - no sick days, no vacation, no personal days, no holidays
- We don't take up space
- We don't use your equipment
- We don't get involved in your office politics - no drama!
- If you don't need us, you don't pay for us

Shall I go on? Freelance writers are the ideal faux-employee!

Work from home in your pajamas -

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Marcella Glenn said...

Since we, freelance writers, aren't in their space, companies can easily accept or reject the piece.

In my opinion, it's just good
management to hire a freelance

During this time of recession, more companies are, hopefully, hiring freelance writers.