Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alrighty then, freelance writers and portability

OK, so I've heard from several of you asking...

"Sue, where have you been? What happened?"

Seems like I've been traveling for like a month or two, but really only three major trips since October 3rd.

1. A weekend in Dallas with the Nitro Marketing guys.
2. About five days in Guatemala with my friends who are moving there.
3. A week in San Diego with Klemmer & Associates at the Heart of the Samurai seminar.

That's all : )

Learned a TON during each, and will share it in pieces.

One thing for today: absolutely, this is the most portable business I can even imagine (other than info or internet marketing, which is both portable and nearly passive!).

There are hitches and potential glitches, though.

Here's the first:

Internet access. Not always easy, depending on where you go and whether you speak the language to be able to ask for help in your hotel.

Also, as you travel, you need to be prepared to pay through the nose for internet access in some places.

If you plan on major portability, you might want to take a look at getting one of those cool mobile cards. Between airports (often $10) and many hotels (around $12+) you could easily make up the difference and spare yourself some sticker shock by using a card.

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