Friday, October 10, 2008

Freelance writing and portability - a test

It's been quiet here on the blog this week.

I've been traveling in Guatemala since Wednesday, and in the rush to get ready, neglected to load up some posts. So, there's lesson #1 on taking your business on the road:

Prepare ahead of time for the possibility (okay, likelihood) that you won't get to your regularly scheduled tasks.

Disappearing seamlessly requires some serious preparation. Disappearing abruptly requires much less!

Things you may find as you travel that you'll want to plan for:
  • Schedule is interrupted
  • A pressing need to sleep OR, inability to sleep at your normal times
  • Internet connection may be "challenged"
  • Recharging your laptop battery may be a bit of a challenge, too (older electrical outlets - even if they're AC/DC... whatever it is we use, if they don't have that third hole... you're stuck!)
So, the first lesson is to prepare. Set an autoresponder. Let your clients know you're traveling and that you haven't just disappeared (or have someone else handle interactions with them during your travels). And do what you can in advance.

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Kate said...

Getting ready to hit the road next Thursday! I find that my DESIRE to work is challenged while traveling...anyone?