Thursday, October 30, 2008

Freelance writing struggles in an economic recession at bookpublishing???

I came across this post and it really gave me more questions than answers.

Seems tons of freelance writers build their businesses entirely from writing for content sites. I can probably only name two: E-How and Associated Content.

I gather the gist of the business is this: write articles, (maybe) get paid (a little) (eventually).

Obviously I'm pretty much in the dark about this. So if you've written for sites like this... and MADE MONEY... let me know. I'm always up for expansion, but would like to see some cold, hard numbers to know whether it's worthwhile.

This article talks about one of these sites cutting writers' pay - which must hurt. However, if you're writing for one of these sites and feeling the pinch, and wondering how you maybe could, I don't know... determine your own paycheck... I hope you'll check out other ways of making money from your writing.

What do you think about this?

Freelance writing struggles in an economic recession at bookpublishing


Jess said...

Hey there,
Cool to see you jumping on this topic. I should clarify that I don't know anyone who relies on writing for these sites as their sole source of income (or even a major source). They simply don't pay enough (nor are they very reliable, evidenced by what I just wrote). But like many publishing professionals, it's an easy and quick thing to do on the side to make some extra cash. Despite the facility of it, it may not even be worth that effort for a measly $5 an article.

Janey said...

I go back and forth with this. Should I just churn out those AC articles for $3, which would give me about $12-15 an hour? I am trying to build my freelance business locally in my city, BUT, I hate -- absolutely hate -- marketing myself. I have started doing some networking, but it is hard for me.