Friday, October 24, 2008

Portability and freelance writing IV

Another thing you should take into account as you take your freelance writing business on the road is any time difference between where you live and where you go.

Sometimes this won't be a big deal - but other times, depending on where your clients are, it could be a bit of a challenge.

For example, I've got some clients in Australia, Africa, and Europe. When I'm home, I've pretty much got it down as far as when I can reach them - but put me on the road and I'm lucky to remember whether it's a good time to call home, much less what time it is where my clients are.

If you work with a team of writers, it's the same deal. Is it too early to call? Too late? Will they see my emails?

Not a huge problem, but one you'll want to be prepared for.

And that's a huge key to being portable: being prepared.

More on some steps you can take in your preparedness next.


Kate said...

Oh my goodness. So in response to your newsletter around fear: last week, I was totally in panic mode. The end of the world was coming. I was sure of it. I hadn't gotten any work for over a week. Totally freaked out.

Then I thought, on a very spiritual level to be honest, that I was not believing for abundance! And no wonder I was cloaked in scarcity! I surrendered to the 'situation' and BAM! This week I have had more to do than time to do it in. CRAZY BUSY. And I'm booked all next week too.

This stuff works! It really is all in your head!

Sue LaPointe said...

Kate - I totally hear you. I know that gnawing fear, the one that you forget about as you sleep and then remember first thing in the morning, the one that says, "you're going down" and saps every ounce of joy and peace.

And you're so right - it IS scarcity.

My heart's cry now is, "I am more than enough, I have more than enough." And as I stay connected to my Creator, I know this to be true, deep in my heart.