Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What else about networking for freelance writers?

Most of these events give you a few seconds to introduce yourself and your business.

A few tips:

1. Remember, most of the people there pretty much want to puke, too. It'll be okay.
2. Speak up.
3. Keep it simple - but creative.
4. Make an impact. (Not that anyone's a realtor or mortgage person these days (smile), but back a couple of years ago, it seemed like half the attendees were - and they all blended together. As a "creative" you'd better display some of your skills. Speak like you'll write. Start with a headline, so to speak.
5. Make it benefit-driven. Think about how you can save the day for these other networkers - take that angle and you'll have their attention.

Remember the old story about the guy at Home Depot looking to buy a drill. He doesn't really want a drill... he wants a hole in something.

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