Friday, October 31, 2008

Look for THIS freelance writing book... coming soon

Wow, flattering, to say the least!

A few months ago I made a new friend - Angie Dixon. She purchased my book about how to become a freelance writer (even if you're starting from scratch) just after I'd started using a new purchase system. It was a mess! My fault entirely due to my faulty Html skills.

Long story short, we had some conversations and become friends.

Angie's a writer on Elance, which of course fascinates me because I do my thing on Guru where job boards are concerned. She's done really well there and has built a very effective system, which is now in her brand new book. (I'll get you some info on how to get it soon.)

I told Angie about my second book (nearly done... I promise!) and we agreed it would be a good companion guide with hers. So I'm finishing up a little something something to go along with her book. Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to write it, so that's been a fun challenge.

Will tell you more about all of that later.

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