Thursday, October 23, 2008

Portability and freelance writing III

Another monkey wrench that might throw your business' portability for a loop:

Other people's schedules.

In Guatemala, there was lots of down-time, so I could have gotten a ton more done there... except that it was while I was at someone's house, or waiting somewhere, or driving around. Working would have been rude and very disconnected from my hosts and new friends.

You might run into this during the upcoming holiday season. Sure, you've got time... but will you really want to spend it in front of the computer instead of visiting with people you love or want to get to know?

In San Diego, I was there to staff a seminar. It's an awesome experience, but pretty demanding, both timewise and emotionally. Staff were usually "on" from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. - and outside of those times, talking with my hubby and actually getting some sleep and a shower were the priority. Got a little bit done, but not nearly even a fraction of what normally crosses my desk in a day, much less the whole week.

Lesson? Be realistic about your physical, social, and mental availability during your trip. You'll only add stress if you have crazy expectations about what you'll be able to accomplish in addition to your primary reason for traveling.

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