Monday, October 6, 2008

Where to begin? Weekend of a lifetime for this freelance writer

My head's bursting... and I don't think it's because I missed Starbucks today.

I think it might have something to do with my multi-page action step list for the next 90 days.

Over the weekend, I was in Dallas to meet with Kevin Wilke, Matt Gill, Rob Hawthorne, and Dan Swanson of Nitro Marketing - along with the other two winners of the Marketing Do Over contest.

After just the "Overview" section Kevin gave, I could have gone home with a list of big and small things I could do to make by writing business and my publishing business virtually EXPLODE in growth.

These guys are geniuses - and yet not the kind that make you feel... less than genius.

I'll give you three guesses as to what book they've used to structure their business (and the first two don't count):

And just as I suspected, they confirmed that life's a LOT easier if you read and follow this book from the beginning, rather than waiting until your business is big.

I felt a lot like that kid on "Jerry Maguire" asking tons and tons of questions - even as we drove to dinner... but hey, as long as they'd answer, why not ask someone who's doing something so well? Sure beats asking people who just pretend to know!


Matt Gill said...

We enjoyed spending time with you Sue - you are on your way to amazing things!

- Matt

Teresa said...

How very cool, Sue! Can't wait to hear more about all you learned!