Wednesday, August 13, 2008

C'mon, making a video isn't really that hard!

OK, I'm getting kind of addicted.

The Marketing Do Over contest got me hooked, and now I'm seeing video opps everywhere.

(Hey, if you didn't hear my "YIPPPPEEEEE" where you live, I won the contest!! along with two others. Still waiting to find out when I go to Dallas for the prize, but just imagine what kind of amazing info I'll pass along to you!)

If you missed mine, here it is:

So, how do you make a video like that? It was really pretty easy.

  1. Think up a story line.
  2. Find photos you can use for them (watch out for copyrights - you can get a ton of photos free on
  3. Go to and register for an account. You can get a free one, or pay a few bucks to get one with some more bells and whistles.
  4. Import your photos, set them to music, add effects, and voila! You've got a video!

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