Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New freelance writing gig board - have you tried it?

I saw a press release about this site and checked it out because it sounded like a good idea - a freelancers job board that's only for freelance writers.

It's writingbids.com. Basically, it's got links to gigs from all over the internet. The ones I clicked on all happened to be on Elance. Yup, essentially a re-posting of the same gig - you end up on Elance.

There may be other sources included on the board, but I didn't look much further after ending up on Elance with each one I tried.

It's got a list of writers' resources and some blogs that might be useful. But other than that, kind of disappointing. I guess I was hoping for the new Guru.com! Maybe it'll develop and grow into something better, but other than maybe consolidating your gig-search sites, it doesn't seem too exciting.

(Yeah, I'm still kind of steamed with their new ranking system - definitely looks like you should avoid any clients with small budgets or one-time projects, which stinks for them and for us. I'll get over it, and will pass along whatever solutions I develop to you... but right now it feels like trying to work a Rubik's Cube and getting only one side all the same color.)


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Teresa said...

Hi Sue,
I am wondering how repeat clients figure in to Guru's new requirements. I began reading through all their goodies, and got thoroughly confused. I am thinking that repeats make a big difference. My rank is actually set to move up by about 40 points. The irony of that is that I have invoiced a huge of amount of my total $ earned through a certain writer we both know

That's another thing, with my ranking. A lot of the money I invoice through Guru was never posted through Guru to begin with. I know that you are aware we can do that, but I bet there are a lot of freelancers who don't know that is possible.

Anyway, you'll figure out how to get there!