Thursday, August 21, 2008

Writing with cabin fever and writer's block


That's all that comes to mind right now for writing.

Is THIS writer's block?

No sentences - none that are complete anyway. No insight - no focus (unless you count the hypnotic effect of my ceiling fan, which is strangely taking my entire concentration).

Of course, there's panic on some level - after all, deadlines don't care that my kids have been home all week, inside because of the tropical storm. They don't care that Starbucks is closed and I have a headache. Or that last night, a frog sneaked into our house and jumped on my pillow (thank goodness the neighbors had their windows closed or they would have thought we had an ax murderer in here!).

So.... what do you do? It happens to everyone sometime - maybe during the winter when you're stuck inside because of yards of snow. Or maybe you live somewhere that rains all the time. Maybe your life circumstances right now tether you to your bed or seat.

What do you do when it seems like your brain has turned to mush (even without watching TV, like your mom always warned would happen)?

I've read that the best cure is to do something else for a while. So, I'm going to take half the day off (I'll still be able to make deadlines), and find something else to do. Not sure what yet, but it'll come to me.

In the meantime, I'd sure love to know what YOU do when this happens!

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Hannah said...

Hi Sue,
At times like this, I wish I was better at sewing or that I knew how to knit. I bet that would be a fun way to while away a day inside!
Though as it is, if I were housebound, I'd be too busy keeping my toddler entertained to get bored!
Hope Fay leaves your vicinity soon--I've heard they could really use the rain in Atlanta!