Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sheesh - another gig in my hometown!

This one definitely calls for someone local. I contacted the features editor with some questions and she was kind enough to reply (although she didn't answer my question for a pay rate range - maybe that's a faux pas, but to me it would be a deal maker/breaker).

So here's a question for you - would you trade your commercial clients for a newspaper job? It might look like a smart move, and even a move up... on the surface.

And to be honest, I toyed with the idea because it still holds some sense of glamor in my mind... but I'm not going to apply after all (although if you're in the area and interested, you should definitely give it a try if you want!). But, I'm so in love with setting my own hours, traveling only if and when I want to, taking only projects that interest me, and coaching other writers, that to give that up for a full-time journalism position seems crazy. (To say nothing of the pay - which I'm assuming is low!)

What do YOU think?

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