Thursday, August 28, 2008

When you're ready to start writing your book...

Just ran across this site, WEbook, that's got a pretty interesting concept.

You can write a book on your own, or with a team, or even with complete strangers. Then you can get feedback, editing, and suggestions from the other members on the site. (You can entice more participation by offering a percentage of any future royalties you may earn.)

Then, you can enter your finished work in an American Idol-like contest where the winner's book is published and then sold on Amazon and in some bookstores. You'll get 50% of profits on your book.

Interesting. A little scary, maybe, too, because it seems like your material could be taken pretty easily. There is an option for keeping your work private up to a point, but if you want to enter it in the contest, you'll have to eventually make it available for members to read and vote on.

Published Books, Poetry - How To Get Published - WEbook

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