Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ever work on-site for a client?

Seems like it would be kind of strange, doesn't it? I know I've checked that box as a "yes" on my Guru profile, but what would it be like if I actually had a client ask me to work from their location for a gig?

Does that ever happen? If you've ever settled into a client's office to write, I'd love to hear about how that happened, how it worked out, and what recommendations you'd make.

It seems like it would be about like taking a temp job. You go through the whole "What should I wear? Where will I go for lunch? What route will be fastest?" series of questions. You'd meet people who'd probably have no clue why you're there. You'd be this mysterious (glamorous?) figure who's there for a while and then gone. Or maybe your assignment would become a regular or episodic part of your business - like being a consultant.

Hey, actually, that might be something to consider - a whole niche unto itself. You could promote yourself as a web marketing consultant, and help clients get started with blogs, article marketing, their site content, and other ways they could use words to promote their businesses. And you know what happens when you add the C word to your title, of course! $$$ : )

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Teresa said...

What? Leave my house to work? I thought that's why I was a freelancer? Actually, I haven't done this either, but I think I could consider it!