Saturday, August 2, 2008

Freelance writing mastermind group starting soon

Accountability... without a boss.
Homework... without grades.
Interviews... where you get to ask the questions.

That's the rough idea behind the Working Writer Happy Writer Mastermind Group.

Basically, it's like coaching, except you've got a whole group going through it with you. Not a big group, but enough to 1) keep the price down, 2) get feedback from your peers, and 3) create opportunities to work together.

The first team is going to launch in August. Still tying up loose ends about special guests we'll have on our webinars:

Peter Bowerman, we'd love to have you join us for about an hour! These are highly-motivated, action-oriented freelance writers looking to make the leap from full-time jobs... or from okay pay to great pay. Want to come play?

Bob Bly, how about it? You're the double-crown king of copywriting and now info marketing. We'd love to have an audience with you for about an hour. We've got questions and know you've got answers!

Joe Vitale, as you read every word of this plea, you find yourself warming to the idea of talking with our group for about an hour. Do you remember a time in your life when you wanted to share everything you know about hypnotic copywriting? Obviously you want to reveal your amazing secrets with us, do you not? : )
We'll be reading and discussing some of the books that absolutely transformed my writing business and my whole mindset about building a thriving writing business. We'll get and give feedback on writing assignments. We'll have some one-on-one coaching sessions. We'll have a private forum. We'll work on time management, business systems, team building, and a lot more.
If you're interested, head over to my Squidoo lens: and read more about it. Then send for your application.

There are only about 2-3 spots available right now, so if you're interested, NOW is the time to act.


Teresa said...

Sue, This mastermind group is going to be incredible! I had to take a minute to comment and encourage anyone who is on the fence to come join in!

I've had the extreme pleasure of working with Sue for the past several months. I can say without a doubt that she is the "go-to" woman when it comes to information about how to build a freelance writing business. Just by following the tips in Sue's book and learning by working with her, I was able to replace my full-time income in four months!

This Mastermind group is without a doubt the most reasonably priced group I've found yet. I know that Sue knows what it takes to change your world and get your business off and running!

Don't wait- join this Mastermind group NOW!

Thanks, Sue, for your willingness to share your wisdom and insight and lead us into a whole new world of commercial freelance writing.


Sue LaPointe said...

Teresa - can't wait!! Thanks for chiming in and for your very kind words.

You know, I thought it was exciting to build my own writing business... and it was/is. But it's even more thrilling to watch others do the same! I've heard from so many writers like you who've really taken massive action to make it happen. Just hearing that my book and site have been helpful is a hugely rewarding.

Looking forward to the MM group! It looks like it may be full now, but we may be able to squeeze one more in.