Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Freelance Writing Business Review - Part 2

Yesterday, I asked, "What worked in your freelance writing business for 2008?"

Today, the question is, "What didn't work so well?"

There's value in answering this, because you can't fix what you're not aware of. As I try new things, venture into unknown territory, and play full-out, one thing is true: Sometimes it doesn't come out quite right. I mess up. I make mistakes. I fail.

That certainty in life is enough to keep a lot of people from being more, doing more, and having more so they can contribute more to others. What a huge price to pay, just to stay in the comfort zone where you're guaranteed not to fail!

There are two main areas that didn't work so well for me in 2008.

1. Stopping working to have fun and relax. That's a biggie - and it's one I'm committed to doing battle with. I see improvement on the horizon, as my business' systems and processes are developed more. Evidence of this improvement includes some of the traveling I did during 2008. When we went to Guatemala for Thanksgiving, for example, I really only checked in briefly each day... and the business went on without me! So, that's a first step - but it's going to become something I do more consciously from now on.

2. Follow-up with clients. I really don't like talking on the phone. 99% of my clients are internet based - and I only ever even speak to maybe 10% of my clients. The bulk of our communication is via email - which suits an introvert just fine! (My hubby and I joke that if a client calls me, they're fired! Terrible, I know.) But since life is much more about relationships and connections with people than it is about just getting the job done, I've committed to being at least a little bit more accessible to my clients.

Alright - I spilled my guts... now it's your turn! What didn't work so well for your writing business in 2008?

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