Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 Freelance Writing Business Review - Part 3

"What worked?"
"What didn't work?"

We've covered the two of those, so that brings us to, "What next?"

Now THAT'S an exciting topic!

That's when you get to set goals, create an action plan, set your sights on something you haven't done yet. Most people will set some sort of goal for the year - and keep it to themselves.

I get that. After all, if you don't tell anyone about your vision or goal, if you bail on it nobody will know. I used to shy away from setting goals for that very reason. Hey, anything could happen - and who wants to look like a slacker or an idiot if "things don't work out" so I can meet my goal?

Or, what if I fail? How will I live with that? Won't it just discourage me to the point where I give up trying?

Better to just do my best every day, and hope things shape up like I'd like. Kind of a loose goal. Flexibility, yeah.... that's it.

Um, no.

This is the part of the business review I'm not really prepared to answer yet. Why am I writing this now, then? Because now is the perfect time of the year to start thinking about it, and really nailing down intentions for the next year.

I think we'll dig into this a bit for the upcoming posts, but I want to challenge you to start thinking about it. What would you like to create in 2009?

What's next in your freelance writing business?

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