Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Checked out the ODesk for freelance writing gigs yet?

I just found this site, and it looks like it's worth a look.

Odesk.com works about the same as Guru - except there's no membership fee, and not nearly as many jobs.

I'm not sure how employers are finding it - and why they wouldn't just use Guru or Elance, since those don't cost them anything anyway.

But it looks like there are several projects of interest. So I'm going to sign up and give it a shot.

Anyone used it yet? How did it work for you? How does it compare to Guru and Elance?


preeti singh said...

hi....i work at Odesk and find it very good....at least payment for ones work is duly made with no question of being cheated....

Rebecca said...

I use oDesk for all of my freelance writing work, and I've had tremendous success. Particularly in this terrible economy. And they don't just offer jobs. There are excellent resources about writer trends that compares hourly rates throughout the world.

I would recommend the site to anyone.

Danalyn said...

The appeal of oDesk, and why a lot of people use it over (or in conjunction with) guru and elance is that they provide hourly payments, which is good for long-term projects.

If you want to read more on oDesk, you can check out the oDesk Insider Blog. It's not run by oDesk (although oDesk does have their own official blog), but by other freelancers who find oDesk useful and fruitful.

John said...

While oDesk seems like it has a large amount of programmers (PHP, J2EE, Ajax, etc.) it actually has a very healthy amount of active jobs for writers, copywriters & technical writers as well (read: non-techies :)

We are also oDesk providers and the beauty of their system is that you get paid on time, every time.

One of the biggest issues for freelance writers is having your clients go late in their payments. That can really be frustrating for small businesses. We've never had this issue with oDesk, and their payments come in like clockwork. Honestly, we can afford to charge a bit less for our services knowing that getting paid on time makes up for it.

Valerie said...

oDesk is awesome, highly recommended!