Thursday, December 18, 2008

How has your freelance writing year been?

It's time to start winding up the year now.

I always know it's that time, not because of any weather changes here in South Florida - actually thought about putting the a/c back on today! But because the UPS guy is here like every day - Woody's always very happy to let me know he'll be glad to take a chunk out of the man in brown's leg. (No, there's nothing wrong with Woody's eye - he was just dressing up like a pirate that day.)

Anyhow, each year during the last couple of weeks of December, I like to review the year and reflect on these three questions.

"What worked?"
"What didn't work?"
"What next?"

Thought I'd open that process up to you as well, starting with the first question today.

For some of you, you finally took the plunge and started a writing business. For others, you did some research about what's involved in becoming a freelance writer. Still others took their business from baby steps to sprinting.

For me, it was a year I'll sum up with one word: expansion.

This time last year, I was doing a huge percentage of my own writing. Now, I've got a team. I was doing all of the project management. Now, I've got a wonderful virtual assistant. These developments didn't come easy - and in lots of ways we're still working out our systems. But I credit this growth for propelling my company to the #1 spot on Guru, and am grateful for the talented writers I partner with.

So..... what worked well for you this year in your freelance writing business?

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