Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hey freelance writers, like video games?

Stumbled onto these ads for a blogger and a news poster, and thought of you.

IGN: Now Hiring: Freelance News Poster

Believe it or not, "video games" is a pretty strong niche. You've got to be beyond familiar with games and game systems - it's got to be a passion for you to be able to write valuable content.

I've seen project postings for reviews, articles, and even e-books on different games.

I steer clear, myself, but only because I know how prone to game addictions I am! No kidding - even some forms of solitaire. I can't even start because it'll be hours later that I come up for air.

For XBox and games like that, no chance I'll ever get to write about them for money - unless someone needs a mom's guide to really stinking at games that a 12-year old can play blindfolded. My son likes to have me take a turn playing his King Kong game because within seconds I've either been eaten by a dinosaur or clawed by some huge flying bat kind of creature.

If you're actually GOOD at games, and interested in them, a good place to look for work would be in that niche. There are sites devoted to the industry, even ezines and magazines that publish regularly. These gigs also come up occasionally on Elance and Guru.

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zamboknee said...

Any idea how much a freelance job for a video game would pay? Or where I could find that info? I've been presented with an opportunity and don't know where to begin on salary/pay request.