Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Number one way to kill your freelance writing business

Copy and paste.

Wait. Is that two, or one? Well, yeah, it takes two clicks to do it, but it's one thing.

Think your client won't find out? Maybe. But even if they don't figure it out right away, they will eventually, when the original author (or the person who bought the text) discovers their copyright protected text hanging out on someone else's website.

Faster than that, they may run Copyscape on your work. And you do NOT want to be on the receiving end of the phone call or email that comes after that!

I remember once working with a new writer from a forum. I ran her piece through Copyscape and was shocked to find she'd lifted it word for word from another site. Not sure what was more upsetting: knowing I could have submitted it to a client, knowing she'd cheated, or having to call her on it.

Ever run into that?

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