Friday, September 5, 2008

Breaking in your freelance writing jeans - Part 4

How'd the whole mirror exercise go?

While you're still doing it every day, let's add in something else to help you get used to calling yourself - and living as - a professional writer.

Get yourself some business cards - with the title - and give them out. This may be harder than it sounds, and here's why: The people you hand them to, by definition, are right there in front of you. Chances are, some of them know you. And they knew you when you were selling Arbonne (at least in my case - and by the way, it's WONDERFUL stuff - I just stunk at selling), working in an office, or hanging out at the park with your kids and the other parents.

It's going to take some nerve, and may take some 'splaining because it's not how they've known you.

The responses you get could include:
  • raised eyebrows (or just one raised eyebrow - how do they do that??)
  • patronizing smiles and a quick change of the topic of conversation
  • laughter
  • job offers
  • rapt attention because they want to do it, too!
So, like the Bible says, "gird your loins" and be ready for anything. In the end, who cares what other people say about you reaching for your goal? And you may be surprised to find one more response: "Neat."

You see, the people around you may be an easier sell on your new endeavor than you were!

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