Friday, September 12, 2008

Order! Order!!

Boy oh boy, do I need professional help!

Not that kind (well, maybe). I need an organizer, an assistant, okay, even a mom with a cleaning compulsion. My work space so easily gets disorganized and overwhelming. I'm good at ignoring it, and can work with concentration even in the midst of too many piles of paper. But even I reach a point where something's got to go.

And the clutter can fill both space and time if you're not careful. I'm working on creating order in both now, and know it's a matter of daily practice.

Two sites that may help, if you're not naturally super organized: (Is this one still around? I'll have to go check. I used it years ago and it made a huge difference in my home life. It's been a while, but may be worth another look in this new context of home business.) (This one's brand new to me. It's free for the basic level, which is pretty amazing. I started it, then stopped because of having kids home all last week - and doing well to scrape up enough concentration to meet deadlines and avoid freaking out... most of the time.) Looking forward to learning more here.

Here are some other tips that may help. But if there's anyone out there who's super organized, please share your system!!

Organizing Your Freelance Writing Career | Get Paid to Write Online

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Hannah said...

I have used flylady in the past. She's still around at There's also a yahoo group for flylady followers that you can join where you get email reminders.
I also purchased a chore planning system from Motivated Moms ( that's similar to Flylady's system. It has one sheet per week that tells you exactly which cleaning job you need to do for each day. It's a good tool--when I remember to use it!
Thanks for the simpleology link--it seems to me I checked out that site before, but never signed up.