Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Freelance Writers: Wearing jeans that fit?

Not a real shirt. Go with the metaphor on this one.

It's something that came up during our Mastermind group call with Peter Bowerman last week. And it's something almost every new (and some seasoned!) freelance writer must face: Getting used to the feeling of this new garment called "I'm a writer."

It's just like when you get a new pair of jeans - especially if your new ones are replacing some that are broken in, faced, soft from years of wearing... comfy and familiar. The new ones don't have the same pockets. They look dark. They pinch. They feel strange. They even sound weird.

Same thing with your new status as "Professional Writer" - it's just so completely unfamiliar that you're likely to feel like it doesn't fit.

My advice - hang in there and keep at it until it fits.

If I've learned one thing over the past couple of years (especially with the K&A seminars I've gone to), it's this: "Comfortable" is very addicting - and it gets me nowhere. If I insist on staying in my comfort zone, I never become more, never do more, never have more, never give more. What a waste! And all because I was unwilling to take myself on and stretch beyond what felt comfortable.

Working through this stretch is crucial to achieving something "new" in your life.

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