Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Well-said! A discussion on pricing for the freelance writer

How is freelance writing different from making and selling potato chips?

Well, aside from the fact your writing's not nearly so deliciously salty, crisp, and greasy.

(Oh man, now I'm going to be thinking about chips all day. It's not my fault, though. It's an addiction our whole family has had forever. When I was little, we even had them delivered to our house! The yellow and brown Charles Chips truck would pull up and the delivery guy would bring us a big tin of the good stuff every week. Sometimes we branched out into pretzels, but usually it was those golden, crispy chips we craved.) But I digress...

Where were we?

Oh yes, how's that different from freelance writing?

The pricing structure, for one.

Read this for an excellent discussion of why you'll smack yourself in the forehead a la "I could've had a V-8!" if you're the lowest-priced writer you know.

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