Saturday, September 13, 2008

The home-business intern for freelance writers - where do I sign up?

I read an article about a freelance writer who worked with an intern - in her home office, and now I'm thinking a lot about that possibility.

It's going to take some research - where do you find them? do they really want to do this? is it a paid internship? and lots more questions - but could be a real win-win for all.

Let's see. Just a couple of benefits:

  • If I found an intern who thinks he/she wants to learn how to build his/her own writing business, what better way to know for sure than working in one that's up and running?
  • Guarantee an intern would have a fresh perspective on things like being organized, doing paperwork, sending out direct mail pieces. Why? Because just like it's more fun to play "grocery store" at the Children's Museum than it is to do real grocery shopping at a real store, it's not their paperwork piles or marketing campaign, interview questions, article submission, etc. and it hasn't been on their to-do list for so long that they want to puke
So where do you go to find an intern? Inquiring minds want to know!

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