Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can you start a freelance writing business AT your current job?


Read this interesting article about employees who are underemployed, underused, understretched. It mentioned a receptionist working on freelance writing assignments in between tasks.

Hey, I've had jobs like that before. I completely get the torture it can be not to have enough work.

In fact, in most jobs I had before becoming a freelance writer, I was the one going around asking for more work. Nerdy? Maybe. But it wasn't to brown-nose. It was a matter of mental survival.

And I've heard from other people who feel the same way. Overwork is greatly preferred over sitting with not enough to do.


I don't know about working your freelance writing business while you're at another job. It could work, I think. I have a friend whose Dad is a power company employee who's on dispatch or something. Long nights, usually not much going on. He crochets to pass the time. It keeps him alert and awake, and he's made some nice pieces!

And pretty much every time I've driven through a gated community, the guard is watching TV. Why not turn that time into something productive.

But I think it's really important to provide excellent service to your employee first. If you've checked, and there truly isn't something more you can do to advance your employer's business, and they don't mind you writing, go for it!

What do you think?

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Kate said...

Guilty as charged. Totally did this. Don't tell BK.

Sue LaPointe said...

Not a peep from me!! : )