Thursday, November 13, 2008

Help! My friend is "this" close to making the NY Times Bestsellers list!

Brian Klemmer's only 1,000 books away from making the NY Times bestseller list for "Compassionate Samurai"

--- I can only imagine him on Oprah, and what more publicity for this book would do.

"A world that works for everyone - with nobody left out."

That's Brian's mission. With that, his organization has done many service projects in Mexico (building homes, a school, etc. for people displaced by massive floods), water purification projects in Africa, support for gang violence prevention initiatives, and amazing work with prisoners in Washington State.

And of course... that doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg where it comes to the benefits I've received personally from attending seminars based on the same information in his newest book.

So all that to say...

... if you're looking for a book that may very well change your life, buy it now!
... if you're looking for a good book to give your friends, family, coworkers, downline, whoever, buy it now!
... if you'd like to help spread a message of empowerment, contribution, integrity, and hope, buy it now!

But this is important - you need to do it today. And you need to do it on Amazon for it to count for the NY Times campaign.

Here's a link to make it really easy:

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