Friday, November 21, 2008

Freelance Writing Made the List of Top 15 Business Opps!

Check it out!!

And if you figure out how I can correct the typo in the headline of my comment, let me know!!! The font was really, really small : )
Sheesh.... okay, so it's a typo in US News and World Report... mental note: triple check - even the headline - before hitting the "submit" button.

Best Small Businesses to Start - US News and World Report


Teresa said...

Hi Sue, I really believe that the current global economy favors those of us who freelance. When companies downsize, it is terribly unfortunate for those who get cut, but it sure can help out a freelancer!


Dont Forget To Write said...

Hi Sue,

I'm -always- telling friends and staff colleagues that freelancing is virtually recession proof. In fact, my work picks up in a down economy.

I find it interesting how many times I get asked "But isn't it scary not knowing where your next check is coming from?" This means they probably don't have a healthy savings account, which I do as a result from being forced to budget because I freelance. I'm surprised how many people who know exactly where their paycheck is coming from don't save it. Their question about my pay also tells me they value job security, which is really a false sense of security these days.

So I usually just answer "Not as scary as going to a job everyday I hate and being worried about getting laid off." That shuts them up. :-)