Saturday, November 1, 2008

Clearing out the old freelance writing bookshelf

I'm doing some Spring Cleaning... a little late, maybe but anyhow, wanted to see whether anyone was interested in this:

"How to become a millionaire writer" by Bob Bly
4-Disc CD Set

It's an explanation of how information marketing works, and was pretty instrumental in my desire to open an info publishing arm in my writing business.

It's an interview with Bob Bly and his buddy Fred Gleeck.

I think I paid like $97 for it, but would like to pass it on to a new good home. Let's say... $25?

Interested? Let me know, and we'll handle it via Paypal.

I'll even throw in free shipping within the continental U.S.

And stay tuned for more goodies from the ole bookshelf!


Hannah said...

I would love this cd set if it's still available!


Sue LaPointe said...

Sold! to the lady with the penguin on her eyebrow! : )

You'll love it, Hannah! I'll email you with payment info.