Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Freelance Writing Isn't Going Away Any Day Soon

You know, we'd be "stuck" if we were geographically restricted.

As freelance writers, if our only source of clients was who could physically come in through the door, we'd have a problem. Local economy's down... so's your business. They pull back on marketing... you're sunk.

But with a global prospect pool, it's another story.

I remember when I first got a computer, my husband asked what the point was. "What can you do on it, besides play 'Solitaire'?" (And yes, back then, Pyramid Solitaire was a BIG vice for me.)

Now we laugh about that a lot - essentially our lives have been transformed. And remember, these is still really the early era of the internet!

Here's more on our economic outlook as freelancers: » Freelance Writers Have Credit Crunch Immunity

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