Saturday, November 29, 2008

Too funny!

I've been in Antigua Guatemala since Wednesday night, and brought the rest of my family this time. Between us we may have 110 Spanish words - not necessarily useful ones, or ones that actually form sentences, but hey... we're learning.

So my daughter and I go to have a pedicure while my hubby and son climb a volcano (very, very wise choice!). The nail tech asks what I think is, "How old are you?" gesturing to the two of us.

"Mi hija es nuevo," I proudly answer - wow! a whole sentence!! She gets a strange look on her face.

Then I realize I don't know how to say I'm 41.

I grab my phrase book and say, "Yo no se... uno momento..." and start looking for the quick reference section with numbers.

Her expression turns even more puzzled.

She repeats her question, which now I understand is "What are your names?"

Um... okay, what's weirder? My daughter's name is 9, and I don't know my name, but I can find it in my little book if you'll give me a moment!

: )

Glad I've got use of my words in one language, at least!!

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