Wednesday, June 4, 2008

8 Way You Make Money From: AffSphere | Affiliate-friendly Article Directory

Affsphere's put out this video which explains how it all works. It's really a pretty cool site, and I'm spending way too much time there!

Another way it's helpful is for research. Lots of writing gigs require quick research rather than getting the equivalent of a Master's degree in a certain topic. One of the easiest ways to get a good handle on any particular topic is to read what's already been written.

Now hear me very clearly on this point: NEVER use another writer's work as your own. It's wrong in 101 ways. However, if another writer has been able to learn about and distill the basic points of a topic you don't know anything about, reading articles about it is a great way to learn enough so you can write, too.

A couple of other good sites for this are and Affsphere's new so it doesn't have quite so many articles on it yet - but it won't be long before it's just as big as these others.

Just one more reason posting articles on Affsphers is a great idea.

8 Way You Make Money From: AffSphere | Affiliate-friendly Article Directory


Teresa said...

I completely agree with you regarding the quicker research method of reading what's already been written. I, too, would never, ever plagiarize (i can never spell that word!!:) and I find that reading several articles that are posted helps eliminate even the chance of unintentionally repeating what's been previously written.

Keep up the wonderful blog! Remember, if you build it, they will come!(Does they include Kevin Costner? I've always wondered)

Just my two cents,

Sue LaPointe said...

Gee Teresa, I sure hope that includes him!

You've made an excellent point - hearing from several different writers is a good way to blend it all together in your own words.