Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's your typical client like?

I know there are lots of freelance writers out there who work exclusively with Fortune 500 companies. There's even a fantastic guide you can get that'll teach you how to go after these kinds of contracts (I wouldn't even dare to call them gigs!). And I used to think that was exactly the kind of writing business I wanted to build.

It seemed more respectable, more impressive... and definitely more lucrative than working for smaller clients.

And it may be!

But I also know of many, many freelance writers who've built businesses going the other way.

These "little guys" include:
- small businesses
- solopreneurs
- internet marketers
- service professionals

Having worked with both, I'm just really enjoying having some variety.

With my bigger clients, there's a lot more involved that's not so creative. We've got to worry about compliance issues, getting stuff approved by the legal department, and getting the green light from a whole committee. There's not as much room for doing things differently than they've been done before. The writing they seem to like best is, for me, a throwback to college - it's stiffer, more distant, kind of aloof... and very few contractions.

With my smaller clients, even though they can't pay as much (although mine do pay very well), we get to kind of partner together to come up with something brand new, something we hope will get amazing results for them, something we know could flop - but we're still going to give it a try. They like creativity, connectedness, friendly and casual writing. I feel like I can be myself when I write for them. It's like we're in it together - sink or swim!

What kind of clients do you work with most often? What's the "fit" like between your personality and your client list?

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