Saturday, June 7, 2008

What about when YOU'RE the one who can't shut up?

OK, you probably won't be yap, yap, yapping on the phone. But writers run into another form of chattiness, and it can be just as troublesome.

What happens if you just can't seem to stop writing? Your client asks for an article that's about 500 words. You get on a roll. When you're 'done' you run a word count and.... YIKES! You're well over the 725 word mark. Crossing over into page two was your first clue that you weren't going to be able to stop.

Now what?

Well, if you've got an editor, you can just turn that baby over and watch the editor play "Edward Scissorhands" with your text. Words littering the floor, like outtakes from a film. But, if you're a one-person firm (and most of us are), you don't have the luxury of letting someone else do the dirty work.

We'll take a look at some ways to wrap it up over the next few days.

In the meantime, how about weighing in on this question:

What's harder for you - finding enough to say? or, having too much to say?

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Teresa said...

BOTH! Depending on the project. It's always tough when you have a gig where you are writing about something obscure and boring- like all about augers or a lighthearted way to promote a t-shirt with the subject of Somalia!! Those are rough, but you eek them out somehow.

The worst is when you have too much to say. When I pronounce a piece finished and then I have to figure out how to cut 200 words, that's excruciating! I have a regular gig where I write 750+ words about various makeup and hair style trends and at the bottom of each I have to do a summary in about 75 words. It's difficult sometimes, but it's great practice for learning how to edit yourself!