Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keeping to the word count: Tip #4

Be ruthless.

If you forgot (or balked at!) the other reminders, and you find yourself running too long, it's time to break out the weed whacker.

Now's the chance to come up with that outline you should have had before you started. What are the main points you've got to cover?

Read through your novel (!) and start cutting. If it's not on the outline, block and cut. Paste it into another document (just in case). Make sure the remaining paragraphs flow and that the article reads well. Run the word count again and see where you stand.

Rinse and repeat if you're still over.

What do you do with those scraps you trimmed? We'll talk about them next time.

1 comment:

axecity said...

Great tip, I am always concerned with the outlines and the structure of my writings, I wrote a series of two parts for Effective Writing Skills few weeks ago, but it was really good to read it through your tips, simple and helpful.

Good work!