Thursday, June 26, 2008

Did you get a stimulus check in the mail?

By now, millions of Americans are finding a nice little surprise in their mailboxes - an economic stimulus check, usually in the $600 - $1800 range.

(We're usually on extension, so maybe ours will come in time for Christmas?)

I'm definitely not an economist, so I'm going nowhere near any discussion about whether this whole idea is good or foolish. However, I am a woman, pastor's wife, and mom who knows what a big difference a check like this can make in a family's financial life.

You might be tempted to go blow your check on something crazy like a whole tank of gas! But I've got another suggestion instead.

Think of it as the old "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day vs. teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" angle.

For $600, you could change your whole life. So you'll want to give it some thought.

I've read the statistic somewhere that many families who end up in divorce court wouldn't be there if they'd had a mere $400 per month extra in their budget. Just $100 per week could make a huge difference in your life - the difference between going further into debt and climbing out, the difference between being able to go on a weekly date night with your spouse or neglecting to spend time alone together, the difference between being able to provide extra help for your child or having to just hope for the best.

So my challenge to you is this: Why not take your stimulus check and invest in your future. Get one of the wonderful books out there that'll teach you how to build a thriving writing business (of course, I recommend mine! but there are lots that are good). Get yourself signed up with a paid membership to Guru or another site (I love Guru best, but have heard good things about some other sites), and start winning your financial freedom.

Just imagine having not only some wiggle room in your budget, but to also have enough that you can give to help others. Imagine learning the secrets to "fishing" for yourself - and being able to pass that knowledge and experience on to teach others, too. Imagine the difference you could make in your family, your community, and even in the lives of complete strangers... just by learning how to take care of yourself.

And that'll last much longer than your tank of gas!

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Teresa said...

Sue, I couldn't agree more! I got my stimulus check this week and the first thing I did was renew my Guru membership. The second thing I did was invest in a couple of books. (I already have yours and it's wonderful, by the way!) I even had enough left over to get my exhaust fixed on my car and buy a half a tank of gas! The final bit went to pay my teenager's way to church camp for 10 days- so I get an at home writer's retreat as well!

Woo hoo! Too bad Uncle Sam can't send those babies out more often!