Monday, June 16, 2008

About being #1 on Guru

When I first signed up for a Guru membership, I didn't even know there was a ranking system - much less what position my profile was in. Probably a good thing, though, because it was most likely up in the 1000's - and that would have been kind of discouraging.

But after a while I caught on, and as I've mentioned before, the whole ranking thing added some fun to the experience. Competing (mostly against myself) to move up became a game I looked forward to every day. Plus, it was kind of fun calling my husband whenever there was a change up or down to announce the new rank:

"This is #39 calling. Have a nice day." (click!)

Bless his heart, he totally understood! And he's like rooting for me!! There have even been jokes about taking out the kneecaps of others above me! (Well, maybe knuckles would be more fitting?)

Having reached #1, though, it feels weird. You see, I'm definitely not the best writer out there, absolutely not the cheapest, and probably not always the friendliest ("You called me? You're fired!) (just kidding) (well, sort of.).

But all that just goes to prove that ANYONE can make a go of this - it just takes persistence, discipline, and some time. Keep at it! And come knock me out of the #1 spot whenever you're ready! : )

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Teresa said...

# 1, huh?? That is so amazing Sue! You deserve it! Congratulations!