Friday, June 20, 2008

The perfect writing environment

OK, part of the issue here with the writing retreat is location.

We're frequent guests with a certain hotel chain, and have accumulated a ton of points. So I could use those to take a nearly free writing retreat.

But the idea of sitting in a nondescript hotel room somewhere is less than inspiring.

So, what about staying somewhere that's a bit of an adventure - somewhere I've never been? Could be the break from normal life that spurs me to great creativity. Or, it could be such an alluring distraction (how could I possibly go to Scotland without spending my days exploring?) that I get no writing done at all.

What about a B&B somewhere? Well, there's the wi-fi question. I'm all for going to a coffee shop now and then to get online, but it would sure be more efficient to be able to do it without that hassle.

Plus I've gotten kind of picky about where I sit to write. A bed isn't going to work. A desk probably isn't going to work. A sofa is iffy. So there's that.

I've got the perfect place in mind - it's a B&B near Traverse City, MI. Actually, I'm not sure about the wi-fi - but this is the place that really captures the quiet, soothing, beautifully inspiring environment I'm dreaming of. Probably not going to happen there this year... but maybe next time?

Where's your ideal writing retreat?

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