Saturday, June 28, 2008

One o' these days, Freelance Writer will make the list

I always read these lists, don't you? I don't know whether it's out of habit, having spent like 30 years wondering what I'd be when I grew up, or if it's because I'm just nosy about what other people are doing and how much it pays.

10 Cool Jobs and What They Pay from Monster Career Advice

Anyhow, wouldn't it be cool if one day Freelance Writer made the list of "cool jobs"? From my very unscientific sampling, I know that tons of people think this is one of the coolest jobs out there. In fact, most people who find out what I do for a living are pretty impressed (or polite?). But there's still that stereotype, that misguided notion that writers suffer and starve.

My prediction: as the internet continues to grow and grow and grow, commercial writing will become a common major among college students, and will become one of those jobs that people actually know what you do!

I read something about IT job opps will grow to like 600,000 in a few years - and there won't enough qualified workers to fill the jobs. Well, where there's tech, there's also got to be copy, right? : )

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